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To give you access to the technical documents required in the sign-up process, we need to know a bit about you.

What’s the company name of your business?

You can check your company name on DITJEN AHU.

What’s the company address of your business?

The registered address is the one that’s recorded at DITJEN AHU

What is your company number? (Optional)

This is a unique number issued by government when a company is incorporated.

Who’ll be responsible for all correspondence?

Please tell us who we should speak to within the business.

What’s their role within the company?

Please tell about this person’s position in the business.

What’s their email address?

Please enter their business email address.

What’s their phone number?

Please include any extension numbers that apply. The phone number needs to be in the following example format: +62 (0) 1234 567890