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Power up your Booking System

TXI connects your Booking System to global Distributors – from the international to the niche, and everything in between. It brings a host of benefits to you and your Suppliers.

Get ready to grow

TXI gives you and your Suppliers the tools to expand and grow.

Simple to connect

Connecting your Booking System to TXI couldn’t be simpler, with an API link directly into the platform.

No joining fee

There is no fee to join TXI. The only cost to you is the development costs of an API connection.

All the benefits of your Booking System – and more

TXI isn’t seeking to replace your Booking System – quite the reverse. We want Suppliers to have the ease of connecting to TXI by being connected to you first.

TXI adds a rich content and analytics layer on top of that, as well as bringing together a wide range of Distributors and Booking Systems in one place.

Great news for your Suppliers

TXI allows your Suppliers to target new markets and customer groups, to have a greater reach and to grow bookings.

As a Booking System connected to TXI, you’re offering them benefits and reach that others can’t.

Global Distributors at your fingertips

Here are just a few of the big booking sites you can connect with in an instant.

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