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No booking, no fee

It’s simple: pay nothing until you get an online booking.

Simple and transparent

With TXI, there are no upfront fees. You can opt into as many distributors as you like and make as many updates as you want.

For each online booking, you pay us a small fee of 2.5% along with any Distributor (eg. commission due.

Getting your money to you

Getting paid from direct websites has never been so simple.

  • You receive funds into your bank account at the time the booking is made
  • We take the hassle out of Distributor commissions and booking fees by settling them automatically for you the following month
  • We automatically place the booking into your connected booking system (if you have one) and send you an email booking reminder

If the booking comes through a Distributor that’s an online travel agent, rather than a direct website, you’ll receive your money according to that site’s individual processes. When we send you your email booking reminder, we’ll also remind you to collect payment from them.

Of course, you can access your TXI dashboard at any time for a complete record of all your bookings to help you manage your payments from Distributors.

If you don’t have your own booking system, we can still get you up and running on TXI. You may then choose to sign up for your own booking system later down the line. We work with hundreds of them, so you can take your pick. 

Simple and fair, with no upfront fees

You only pay when you get those all-important online bookings.


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